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Savannah Ghost Tours

The Savannah Ghost Tours features the #1 Ghost Tours location in Savannah… the Sorrel-Weed House! As seen on many different TV shows, including ‘Ghost Hunters‘ on the SyFy network… ‘Ghost Adventures‘ on Travel Channel… ‘Most Terrifying Places in America‘ on Travel Channel, as well as several others!

Many people love to take Ghost Tours while visiting Savannah, Ga. Many paranormal groups and enthusiasts have called it “the most haunted city in america“. There are many options to choose from when deciding on Your Ghost Tour. As many of these tours walk or ride you around the city, telling you the stories of various location.  They are the only one Ghost Tour takes you Inside an Actual Historic and Haunted House! 

This Paranormal Tours offers one of the Most Unique ghost tour experiences in Savannah!  While most ghost tours in Savannah will walk you by or drive you by the Haunted locations, they do not get to take you Inside.  When you take the Ghost Hunters House Tour, that’s Exactly what you get to do.  Go inside the Sorrel-Weed Mansion and the Carriage House.  If you take the Ghost Hunters Walking Tour, then not only do you get to go inside the Most Haunted Home in Savannah, but you also get to walk to other haunted locations in the area and hear the unique and creepy stories about them as well. So it’s like two Tours in One!

Savannah Ghost Tours offers two main tours:

1. "Ghost Hunters Walking Tour"
Tour Information
Tours run 7-Nights/Week (Call for times available)
Age 12-Up = $28
Kids age 7-11 = $12
Tours last about 2-Hours

2.  “Ghost Hunters House Tour”
Tours run 7-Nights/Week
Call for Times Available
Age 12-Up = $20
Kids age 7-11 = $10
Tours last about 1-Hour

(Confirm Meet Up Address when purchasing tickets)
Savannah Ghost Tours
101 E Liberty Street
Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 257-2223


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