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Product Information

The BEST Dryer Vent Solution. The Hard Duck Bracket replaces inefficient and dangerous flexible vents with an all-metal venting system. This maximizes airflow, reduces lint buildup, and minimizes drying times.

The adjustable Dryer Vent Bracket makes dryer venting easier and safer by giving you a way of stabilizing your hard metal duct in position to receive the dryer's vent.

  • Helps when installing in cabinetry or closets or anywhere you do not have access to the dryer's vent.
  • Eliminates the need for transition duct (the flexible stuff that clogs your system and is warned against on manufacturers labels).
Supplied with lint seal and all hardware needed.

Order by dryer's width: 27 inch or 29 inch.


US D690.065 | US 9,513,056,B2

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Product Reviews

"Great Product, I have limited space. With this bracket I am able to clean the vent from both side easily."

- Edward Lake

"I have 30 foot long vent with couple on bents. My laundry door will not close if I pull the dryer out. So I decided to use this product. It worked like a charm. My dryer time cut down in half."

- Srinivas Bandapalli

I used this product to get rid of the cheap flexible plastic vent hose that connected to my dryer. I did a lot of research before buying this product. I think having all solid ductwork with a minimum number of turns is far superior any other solution that involves using flexible transition duct, even including those that are higher grade aluminum.

Because this is a solid connection, it does take a little more time and effort to install. But, I think the effort is well worth it. The air flow through my system is greatly increased and I feel that having all solid duct is much safer.

The owner at HardDuck is very helpful. I did discuss some minor improvements that I think could be made to make the product easier to install, including using a hex headed bolt to more easily tighten the collar and offset collar plate that would end up in the same horizontal plane regardless of whether it was installed facing forward or backwards, but these would just help with minor problems that can be overcome. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

- John Erickson

I have a super tight space (closet) for my stacked washer and dryer. The vent duct is in the back wall behind the washer with only two inches of space (short run but no space). There is no way to fit a hose much less fittings or even hands back there (only 2” and the wall is filled with heating ducts).

I cut the vent line back to the wall, put in a vent periscope (to get up to the dryer outlet height) with a strap to hold it in and put the washer in place. I fit the Hard Duck to the back of my dryer, then mounted it to the top of the washer and connected the input end of the vent periscope to the Hard Duck. I lifted the dryer up on top of the washer and pushed it home into the Hard Duck.

Perfection; the dryer fit in the spot and was all hooked up without having to rip open walls or move doorways. The duct run is very short (less than three and a half feet) so the periscope should be okay.

I could not have installed out units without the Hard Duck, great customer service too.

- Chris Gregory