Hello World

Posted at 12:00 pm on 03/01/2017 by James Schoenster

Thank you for visiting our Hard Duck website, where you will find the best dryer venting solutions. I would like to introduce my Company Hard Duck it's is a company I formed a while back. It started with a bracket, a Dryer Vent Bracket, something I came up with after years of frustrating days installing clothes dryers. I bet you know what that's like, after all, that's probably why your reading this! Or maybe, you just need that little bit of advice on how to tackle your venting job. Well, you came to the right place.

I'm going to give you some pointers from my years of experience that will help you get the results your looking for, and I would welcome you to ask a question or comment on each.  Also, there will be some topics that I hope will stimulate talk from architects, engineers, code and fire protection professionals. So get creative, use quality parts, some basic principles and make this happen for you! When you see the results share it with the world on my blog. Thanks and happy venting!


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