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Pointer # 1 Transition Duct

March 16, 2017

                                            Do not use flex duct, It clogs It's Dangerous and will choke your dryer!                                                                                                   Start your system out right, if you can't  reach the vent to attach metal pipe use a bracket it's the best dryer vent solution available! 1) Locks dryer in place so the metal duct you use will not move around and fail!  You will secure the bracket to the floor or the top of your washer or pedestal. I use a bracket almost always just because of the fact it locks everything in place.   2) Makes servicing easier and eliminates transition duct.          Let's talk a little about transition duct, so we can better understand its role in the operation of your dryer. It seems that the only reason it even exists was to create a way for a dryer to be connected easily and therefore not requiring better planning. Its functionality in a system that requires good airflow for efficient...

Hello World

March 1, 2017

Thank you for visiting our Hard Duck website, where you will find the best dryer venting solutions. I would like to introduce my Company Hard Duck it's is a company I formed a while back. It started with a bracket, a Dryer Vent Bracket, something I came up with after years of frustrating days installing clothes dryers. I bet you know what that's like, after all, that's probably why your reading this! Or maybe, you just need that little bit of advice on how to tackle your venting job. Well, you came to the right place.I'm going to give you some pointers from my years of experience that will help you get the results your looking for, and I would welcome you to ask a question or comment on each.  Also, there will be some topics that I hope will stimulate talk from architects, engineers, code and fire protection professionals. So get creative, use quality parts, some basic principles and make this happen for you! When you see the results share it with the world on my blog. Thanks and...