The Leesburg International Airport

The Leesburg International Airport (airport code LEE) is just a mile from our hotel as well as many popular restaurants and shopping.  This large regional airport features many desirable amenities and services for pilots including a pilot’s lounge, rental car service, courtesy van service, overnight and long term tie-down rental available, company hangers, and also T-hanger rental.

Several notable and nationally recognized aviation businesses are based out of the Leesburg International Airport.  Two of these include SunAir Aviation and Brainerd Helicopters (a.k.a. Firehawk Helicopters).   There are also small organizations and businesses who call the airport home including Angel Flights Southeast and WingOver Aerobatics.

SunAir Aviation is a training facility which boasts a modern facility, top notch aircraft, and expert flight instruction.  SunAir is also the Leesburg International Airport’s fixed-base operator and offers access to fuel including  self-service 100LL Octane aviation fuel and full-service jet A fuel.  The offices are opened daily from 7am to 7pm 365 days a year.  SunAir provides many certification training programs including; private pilots license training, instrument training, commercial certification, certification for flight instructors (SEL, MEL, instrument), and airline transport pilot certification.

Brainerd Helicopters likewise offers flight training but for helicopters, however their portfolio of commercial services is considerably broader.  Brainerd Helicopters offer charter services, aerial fire fighting, aerial crane operations, construction, flight testing for military R&D, and filming services for movie and TV productions.  They operate several Black Hawk helicopters as well as Eurocopter Astars.

WingOver Aerobatics is a training program which specifically teaches seasoned pilots how to take their flight to the next level with special maneuvering such as rolling, high banking, and other aerobatics.  Angel Flights Southeast is a charity where pilots donate their services to help provide air transportation for sick children needing transportation to medical facilities.

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