Emeralda Marsh

Witness Lake County’s natural beauty and elegance at Emeralda Marsh just north of our Leesburg, Florida hotel.  This ornithological mecca draws bird lovers from across the country to experience a wealth of avian species.  The Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area is a 7,089-acre expanse of wetlands that is home to a myriad of native wildlife including alligators, small deer, turtles, otters, and various birds.

The Interpretive Drive, a well-maintained stone road, runs through the marsh allowing access to bicycles, pedestrians, and even wheelchairs.  Additionally, an information kiosk is located in the center of the marsh.

Emeralda Marsh is located on the East shore of Lake Griffin and allows boat access to the lake via a boat launch off of County Road 452.  Canals connect the various habitats of the marsh to the larger lake system.

Birds that one is likely to see in the marsh include anhingas, blackbirds, coots, cormorants, crows, cuckoos, cranes, anis, doves, ducks, hawks, eagles, buntings, bitterns, chickadees, herons, kingfishers, egrets, ibises, hummingbirds, gulls, jays, pelicans, loons, owls, spoonbills, sandpipers, sparrows, quails, storks and many other avian taxa.