Beacon College

Beacon College a private college located in Leesburg, Florida that is dedicated to the higher education of students with learning disabilities. Tailored for learning disabled students, gifted learning disabled students and ADHD students, Beacon College in Leesburg, FL was founded in 1989 to provide the unique services these students need to succeed.

Beacon College is proud to be America’s only accredited college for learning disabled, ADHD and gifted LD students offering Bachelor of Arts and Associates of Arts degrees.  You can earn a BA or AA degree in Liberal Studies, Human Services, and Computer Information Systems. The Computer major offers a choice of two tracks: Information Systems and Web and Digital Media. The Liberal Studies major a broad range of liberal arts courses that promote critical thinking and communication skills.

Beacon College’s Human Services major focuses on careers in the fields devoted to the psychological, emotional, cultural, social and intellectual development of human beings. The Computer Information Systems Major is a curriculum educates students in the latest technologies. Choose from two major tracks that focus on these skill areas: Information Systems and Web and Digital Media.

To meet the needs of learning disabled students, Beacon College offers Educational Support Services that include the Writing Center, the Learning Specialists Program and supplemental instruction, as well as smaller-than-average class sizes of 12 students. On-campus residential housing is provided for students at the Beacon College Village Apartments.   For prospective students or visiting parents, our Hampton Inn Hotel is located only 10 minutes drive from Beacon and we offer special rates to those visiting from Beacon.