Getting Your Pup

​How to get your own Pup from Goldenridge

Please use our puppy application form 

Our Mission 
Since we are a small Breeder, our Golden’s our kept as house pets and share our living space.   We think of them as our children. Our goal at Goldenridge Kennel is to selectively breed for the temperament and character that best suits our lifestyle; friendly, gentle, easy-going and above all honest. Our dog live in our home and are a considered our family members and best friends. From the foundation established in our small and selective breeding program, our goal remains constant toward producing a healthy, sound, structurally-correct puppy with exceptionally loving and loyal temperament – that we feel is above and beyond the Golden Retriever Breed Standard. We take pride in our continued success with our Golden’s in the areas of  obedience and agility trials, therapy dogs, search and research , hunting dogs in the field — and, most importantly, as loving family companions.  We have many veterinary references and have sold our puppies to veterinaries. All puppies are Sold ”limited registration” and spay or neuter contract. Our dogs have clearances such OFA–hip/elbow, CERF and Cardiac. Most importantly some of our dogs are ”CHIC” Certified. All of our stud dogs are DNA’d, this ensuring NO Interbreeding. Estimated heat cycles of a female dog is between 6-8 months after their last heat cycle and this is considered a ”NORMAL HEAT CYCLE”.  Therefore, please be patient as every dams heat cycle can vary. All the puppies will be sold with AKC limited registration papers and a spay and or neuter contract. Each puppy will have a first distemper shot, general wormer and physical by the veterinary. We will also worm the puppies at 5 weeks of age. You will received documentation from our veterinary of the pups first visit.  

To hold a puppy for purchase a non-refundable deposit is required. If a situation comes up (for you or us or our female dog, for an example a false pregnancy or dog didn’t cover – some dogs which get bred don‘t always cover) then your deposit will not be refunded but will be applied to the next upcoming litter or another litter of your liking within one year of your original deposit. Estimated heat cycles of a female (meaning if the female comes into heat 6 months from her last cycle) can come anywhere between 4-9 months after their last cycle and this is considered a “normal heat cycle” – a cover doesn’t always guarantee a breeding/pregnancy. Everyone whom purchasing a pup from Goldenridge Kennels will receive a copy of Chapter  745 ‘’Sale of Dogs and Cats’’, which is from the State of Maine / Department of Agriculture. Our puppies are guaranteed in accordance to the above mentioned Chapter 745. Sub-section 4155 of the Maine State Law of the Sale of Cats and Dogs. 

The balance is due in CASH ONLY or CERTIFIED BANK CHECK payable to Roxanne Ellsworth . This is due when the buyer picks up puppy to take home. Additionally, there is a sales tax charge on the pup which is 5% of the cost of your pup. You will be provided with a bill of sale, veterinary record (when your pup went to the veterinary for his/her 6 week check up) and AKC Paperwork on sire and dam of your chosen litter as well as copies of sire/dam health clearances and their 3 generation pedigree. If the puppy goes on an airplane there is a fee for  shipping/crate via air.  The balances due on the puppy, airfare/crate cost to be paid by buyer when puppy is 6 weeks of age prior to shipping. New puppy owners will come to the kennel when their puppy is 6 weeks of age to choose their puppy. Pups go to new homes when they are 8 weeks of age. If pups can’t be picked up by 9 weeks of age then a $20.00 per day charge will be applied and due upon pick up of your puppy. We recommend crate training and puppy classes for your new puppy. We recommend NUTRO ‘’Ultra’’ Puppy Formula for one FULL Year. Please use our puppy application form 

Documents Attached to Getting Your Pup:
Puppy Application Form