Golden Retrievers of Ocala's Owner Testimonials


September 15, 2014

BellaI am so sorry it has taken so long for me to get in touch with you and send you a picture of Bella….We have been non-stop since Bella arrived….I didn’t even have time to do Christmas Cards this year! (I did get a new camera for my birthday in November, so when I finally figured out how to get the pictures on our computer to send them out, the holidays had passed). I’ve attached a copy of the picture that we finally ended up sending out to friends and family after the holiday rush had passed.  Bella is doing wonderful. She is a sweet girl and is loved by everyone! She loves to snuggle and is perfectly content to lay with you in the recliner and hang out. From the first week she came home with us, we knew the recliner was going to become “her” spot. As soon as she was able to jump up, she would sneak up there as soon as she saw that it was empty. She is definitely excited about all of the snow we’ve gotten and loves to play outside with Norah, although she thinks...


September 15, 2014

EmmitI just wanted to let you know Emmitt is doing great.  He is well over 60 pounds and not even 6 months old yet.  Everyone guesses he will be close to 100 pounds when he is done growing.  He has also made is television debut already and will be one of the Golden faces of Downeast Toyota for years to come.  We just finished basic obedience class with him and he did great.  Generally the class is only offered to dogs 6 months and older, but Emmitt was able to start when he was only 4 months and was possibly the best student in the entire class.  He catches on very quickly and I think he enjoys all the attention.  Emmitt does fairly well with knowing what is his to chew on and what isn’t his, I did surrender a pair of old Crocs to him.  There are times he forgets, but for the most part, he is doing really well in the house.  He was house trained within 2-3 weeks of him coming home which was great.   Emmitt has really been a great dog and I can only guess he will be even better as...