Trade Missions Program - Africa

Trade Missions Program (TMP)

The Trade Missions Program (TMP) is an initiative of Global Attain Advancement LLC (GAA), intended to expose global companies to trade opportunities across the world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.  TMP is one of GAA most prominent cross-industry collaborative efforts. 

GAA trade missions are overseas exploratory business trips for small and medium-sized businesses that wish to explore and pursue international trade opportunities by meeting directly with potential clients in their markets, attending market briefings, visiting sales channels, and meeting face to face with qualified potential buyers, agents, distributors, and other potential business partners. 

Trade missions allow companies to explore opportunities in key markets as part of an organized group across a range of business sectors. They play an important role in giving the chance to experience markets, make valuable contacts and see first-hand how business is done in those countries so you can better develop your international business strategy.  

Trade Missions Program Benefits:

Learn practical aspects of doing business in target markets

Network with business support intermediaries

Boost your profile with key customers to gain a competitive advantage

Develop relationships with potential customers, agents/distributors

Conduct market research and test a new market

Launch new products

Tap into cross-sector collaborative opportunities

Realize your ambitions and make things happen

In addition, Trade can bring economic and social benefits, and cooperation is needed between governments and businesses to facilitate it. So TMP offers a proven, cost-effective tool for helping companies learn first-hand about markets of interest. The Trade Missions Program recruits global companies whose goal is to export their products and services, particularly in the African market to deepen global trade ties. We promote trade between Africa and major commercial markets.

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