Trade Missions Program (TMP)

The Trade Missions Program (TMP) is an initiative of Global Attain Advancement LLC (GAA), intended to expose global companies to trade opportunities across the world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.  TMP is one of GAA most prominent cross-industry collaborative efforts. 

GAA trade missions are overseas exploratory business trips for small and medium-sized businesses that wish to explore and pursue international trade opportunities by meeting directly with potential clients in their markets, attending market briefings, visiting sales channels, and meeting face to face with qualified potential buyers, agents, distributors, and other potential business partners. 

Trade missions allow companies to explore opportunities in key markets as part of an organized group across a range of business sectors. They play an important role in giving the chance to experience markets, make valuable contacts and see first-hand how business is done in those countries so you can better develop your international business strategy.  

Trade Missions Program Benefits:

Learn practical aspects of doing business in target markets

Network with business support intermediaries

Boost your profile with key customers to gain a competitive advantage

Develop relationships with potential customers, agents/distributors

Conduct market research and test a new market

Launch new products

Tap into cross-sector collaborative opportunities

Realize your ambitions and make things happen

In addition, trade can bring economic and social benefits, and cooperation is needed between governments and businesses to facilitate it. So TMP offers a proven, cost-effective tool for helping companies learn first-hand about markets of interest. The Trade Missions Program recruits global companies whose goal is to export their products and services, particularly in the African market to deepen global trade ties. We promote trade between Africa and major commercial markets.

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Travel To Invest Program (TTIP) 

The Travel to Invest Program (TTIP) is an initiative of Global Attain Advancement LLC (GAA), intended to cross boundaries with global investors into emerging and frontier markets across the world, particularly across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Using our extensive experience and network, we help investors accomplish their objectives by helping them connect with the right partners and prospects. During an investment trip, we help you identify, screen, and meet prospective business partners, agents, distributors and customers. We have built strong relationships with local business leaders, industry, and government representatives and can connect you to the right business partners and prospects.

Why We Focus on Africa


African countries have consistently recorded economic growth, which has prompted a positive forecast from most international economic organizations and Independent institutions on Africa economic growth and transformation. It is not surprising to find the biggest global investment return and growth in Africa. We at Global Attain Advancement encourage investors that are based in Africa and overseas to invest in the Africa market by presenting them with various lucrative investment opportunities under the Travel to Invest Program.

Africa is a continent of significant scale and diversity, covering 54 countries, each with their own geographical, economic, and cultural characteristics. Over the last few decades, Africa has embarked on a process of transformation and growth. Over the last several decades, Africa has opened up to the world as never before. While corruption and political instability still impede progress, many countries have undergone dramatic social and economic changes. 

What Travel to Invest Program Offers

Market entry studies

Sector economic analysis

Political risk analysis

Competitor analysis

Partner analysis

Reputational due diligence

Sector monitoring

Types of Investment Opportunities

Fishing Industry Opportunities

Building Material Opportunities

Tourism Opportunities

Water & Sanitation Opportunities

Power & Energy Opportunities

Transportation Opportunities

Agriculture Opportunities

Housing Opportunities

Manufacturing Opportunities

Food Security Opportunities

Infrastructure Opportunities

Informational & Communication Opportunities

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Business Linkage Programme (BLP)

The Business Linkage Program (BLP) is an initiative of Global Attain Advancement LLC (GAA), intended to foster business linkages between foreign companies (FC) and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa which stimulates commercial market and demand led business solutions for both parties.  

Evidence shows that strong business linkages can be one of the most effective ways for businesses to integrate, grow and secure footholds in emerging markets.

Foreign companies (FC) and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa business linkages are potentially one of the fastest and most effective ways of upgrading international enterprises, facilitating the transfer of technology, knowledge and skills, improving business and management practices, and facilitating access to finance and markets. Strong linkages can also promote production efficiency, productivity growth, technological and managerial capabilities and market diversification in local firms.

Business Linkage Program Benefits

Work with global consultants and industry experts 

Win new business and export to new markets

Meet international standards

Access finance

Expansion of client base

Guaranteed outlet for production

Information on market trends for SME strategic positioning

Transfer of technology, know-how, production and management processes

Improved product standards

Improved competitiveness

Integration in global value chains

Improved managerial skills.

Are you looking to expand your business into international markets in Africa but do not have the time or the personnel to explore the market for the right supplier, distributor or retail partner?

Have you ever participated in a trade mission and met with company executives who were unable to make the final decision to accept your product, or to initiate talks on your partnership proposal?

Have you identified the specific criteria that business partners should meet to be considered a match as a partner for your company's objectives?

Do you need information on companies in your industry or market in Africa? 

When entering a new market do you know who you are competing against? Do you know their strengths and their alliances?

Are you planning a business trip in Africa? Do you understand the business culture in which you will be competing?

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Bankable Projects Showcase 

The Bankable Projects Showcase (BPS) is unique initiative under the Business Linkage Programme of Global Attain Advancement. The showcase is intended to promote bankable African focus projects to global investors and developers which will drive growth and development in Africa.  

One of the main component of the Bankable Projects Showcase, is having Global Attain Advancement to official represent projects in Africa in terms of investors search, partnership search and much more. 
The showcase is one of Global Attain Advancement contributing commitment in bolstering economic prosperity and social wealth in Africa by making sure all projects represented under the Bankable Projects Showcase have met the qualification of an Afridevelopism” business project.  Afridevelopism is an economic movement spearheaded by Global Attain Advancement which embraces and promote development and social progress in Africa by recognizing bankable projects initiated by companies or individuals only in the private sector. '

Contact us to request the Bankable Projects Showcase (BPS) package.
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International Delegations Program (IDP)

The International Delegations Program (IDP) of Global Attain Advancement is designed to recruit companies for a series of international trade shows and to offer the opportunity for trade agencies, consulates, embassies, and independent delegation organizers to lead a delegation to selected exhibitions organized by us.

Join Our Official Delegation Group

We host delegations from different countries through a special program of incentives and discounts that benefit the companies and the event represented. We implement a targeted promotion and recruitment strategy in our market to pre-qualified companies and lead a delegation of a minimum of 10 to selected trade shows in the Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. 

Our delegation group enjoys benefits and significant advantages including:

Assistance from our delegation leader to create your own trade show agenda

Discounted registration

Assistance in your language

Hotel booking assistance

Visa support in your country (if necessary)

Brand recognition of your company 

Exclusive international delegate functions

Leading a Delegation to Our Exhibitions

Our International Delegations Program (IDP) is offered as a formal program that provides many benefits for delegation leaders and their delegation members to selected exhibitions that we organize, including Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS), African Crafts & Arts Trade Show (ACATS), African Connection Market Expo (ACME) and World Industrial Conference (WIC).  

Benefits for delegations include;

Discounted rates for delegates

Promotion and marketing support

Targeted recruitment support 

Hotel booking assistance

Online tools to facilitate registration and manage your delegation

Technical and logistic support

Links to your website and promotion of your organization

Customized service to your VIP’s needs

Exclusively international delegate functions

Delegation leader guide

Promotional brochures and electronic templates to assist in recruitment efforts

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Documents Attached to GAA PROGRAMS :
TMP Brochure