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International Delegations Program (IDP)

The International Delegations Program (IDP) of Global Attain Advancement is designed to recruit companies for a series of international trade shows and to offer the opportunity for trade agencies, consulates, embassies, and independent delegation organizers to lead a delegation to selected exhibitions organized by us.

Join Our Official Delegation Group

We host delegations from different countries through a special program of incentives and discounts that benefit the companies and the event represented. We implement a targeted promotion and recruitment strategy in our market to pre-qualified companies and lead a delegation of a minimum of 10 to selected trade shows in the Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. 

Our delegation group enjoys benefits and significant advantages including:

Assistance from our delegation leader to create your own trade show agenda

Discounted registration

Assistance in your language

Hotel booking assistance

Visa support in your country (if necessary)

Brand recognition of your company 

Exclusive international delegate functions

Leading a Delegation to Our Exhibitions

Our International Delegations Program (IDP) is offered as a formal program that provides many benefits for delegation leaders and their delegation members to selected exhibitions that we organize, including Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS), African Crafts & Arts Trade Show (ACATS), African Connection Market Expo (ACME) and World Industrial Conference (WIC).  

Benefits for delegations include;

Discounted rates for delegates

Promotion and marketing support

Targeted recruitment support 

Hotel booking assistance

Online tools to facilitate registration and manage your delegation

Technical and logistic support

Links to your website and promotion of your organization

Customized service to your VIP’s needs

Exclusively international delegate functions

Delegation leader guide

Promotional brochures and electronic templates to assist in recruitment efforts

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Documents Attached to International Delegations Program :
IDP Brochure