Business Linkage Programme - Africa

Business Linkage Programme (BLP)

The Business Linkage Program (BLP) is an initiative of Global Attain Advancement LLC (GAA), intended to foster business linkages between foreign companies (FC) and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa which stimulates commercial market and demand led business solutions for both parties.  

Evidence shows that strong business linkages can be one of the most effective ways for businesses to integrate, grow and secure footholds in emerging markets.

Foreign companies (FC) and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa business linkages are potentially one of the fastest and most effective ways of upgrading international enterprises, facilitating the transfer of technology, knowledge and skills, improving business and management practices, and facilitating access to finance and markets. Strong linkages can also promote production efficiency, productivity growth, technological and managerial capabilities and market diversification in local firms.

Business Linkage Program Benefits

Work with global consultants and industry experts 

Win new business and export to new markets

Meet international standards

Access finance

Expansion of client base

Guaranteed outlet for production

Information on market trends for SME strategic positioning

Transfer of technology, know-how, production and management processes

Improved product standards

Improved competitiveness

Integration in global value chains

Improved managerial skills.

Are you looking to expand your business into international markets in Africa but do not have the time or the personnel to explore the market for the right supplier, distributor or retail partner?

Have you ever participated in a trade mission and met with company executives who were unable to make the final decision to accept your product, or to initiate talks on your partnership proposal?

Have you identified the specific criteria that business partners should meet to be considered a match as a partner for your company's objectives?

Do you need information on companies in your industry or market in Africa? 

When entering a new market do you know who you are competing against? Do you know their strengths and their alliances?

Are you planning a business trip in Africa? Do you understand the business culture in which you will be competing?

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Bankable Projects Showcase 

The Bankable Projects Showcase (BPS) is unique initiative under the Business Linkage Programme of Global Attain Advancement. The showcase is intended to promote bankable African focus projects to global investors and developers which will drive growth and development in Africa.  

One of the main component of the Bankable Projects Showcase, is having Global Attain Advancement to official represent projects in Africa in terms of investors search, partnership search and much more. 
The showcase is one of Global Attain Advancement contributing commitment in bolstering economic prosperity and social wealth in Africa by making sure all projects represented under the Bankable Projects Showcase have met the qualification of an Afridevelopism” business project.  Afridevelopism is an economic movement spearheaded by Global Attain Advancement which embraces and promote development and social progress in Africa by recognizing bankable projects initiated by companies or individuals only in the private sector. '

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Documents Attached to Business Linkage Programme:
BLP Brochure