1973 280se 4.5 Part Out

​Please send part inquiries to andrew@xadit.com.  Below is a list of parts with prices, if you want something that is not yet on the list please ask about it.  I am listing parts that are already off of the vehicle or quick to remove.  Other parts can be removed and shipped just ask :-)    I've checked prices on ebay and I am making sure everything on here comes out cheaper  than ebay.  Located in Ocala, Florida which is about 1.5 hours north of Orlando and slightly less than 2 hours north of Tampa.  Large items are pickup only (hood, windshields etc.)
  • m117 4.5 djet fuel rail, painted, with like new fuel pressure regular & damper (less than 200 miles, already tuned for correct pressure).  All new Gates high quality silicone fuel lines. All lines are covered with heat shield. All clamps have fancy caps. $220 for everything (the new FPR and Damper were $200 alone...)
  • Complete djet fuel injector wiring harness, RESTORED.  All new connectors with custom weather seals.  The entire harness was looked over and any breaches in the shield were resealed.  The entire harness was recovered in high quality heat shield which matches the rail above. $250
  • Partially refurbished power steering pump, works great.  It has been flushed and cleaned in and out.  new filter, new lid seal and new return hose, repainted lid.  Used for approximately 100 miles.  $60 shipped.
  • hood/radiator grill with badge and star.  Excellent condition $280 shipped
  • Hood (already removed)  $130 PICKUP ONLY.
  • Front and rear lower bumpers.  Absolutely no damage.  EXCELLENT shape. $150 each.  will ship if you are willing to pay shipping cost 
  • Complete trunk lid, no rust, includes badges and hazard thingy.  excellent paint.  $100 (will  ship if you are willing to pay costs. might be $80-$100 to ship, otherwise pickup)
  • Complete Intake Manifold.  Upper and lower, includes new unused gaskets (head to manifold gasket) and new seals (between upper and lower), and it also includes all new bolts for upper to lower & manifold to head!  $120 
  • Cooling Fan with clutch $60 
  • Throttle body with positioning sensor (everything is fully functional) $100 shipped