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1973 Mercedes 280se 4.5 D-Jetronic engine Mercedes 350se Euro Model Mercedes 450sl K-Jetronic Diagram Mercedes w116 450sel 6.9 liter

Ginger's Vintage Mercedes, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Thanks for visiting Ginger's Vintage Mercedes page on Ocoos. I am an enthusiast of the vintage Mercedes models w116 and w108, and hobby mechanic. More specifically I am experienced in the inner workings of the Bosch K-jetronic & D-jetronic fuel injection systems, and the Mercedes M116 & M117 petrol engines.

What can I do to help you? If you are interested in purchasing a vintage Mercedes I am able to assess the overall condition of the vehicle and make purchase recommendations, as well as estimate the cost of mechanical restoration. While these models are famous world wide for their mechanical longevity, their bodies generally do not hold up as well, so my inspection would include a check on all vulnerable areas of the body.

Vintage Mercedes are a blast to work on! Mercedes models from the 1970's (Mercedes era of "over-engineering") were way ahead of their time. Most parts I replace are original, having lasted over 30 years. The innovations you find under the hood of these models are components that were not standard in most other makes until at least a decade later. For example a 1972 Mercedes 280se 4.5, included an electronic fuel injected v8, automatic transmission, cassette tape, power windows, power locks, electric sun roof, power steering, a/c, etc. All thing you would expect on car these days, and some new base model cars today do not include all these luxuries.

Please check out my blog, I post pictures and information about my projects.
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