Posted at 6:47 pm on 09/23/2014
Let’s face it, there’s no stopping the sun from shining. And we certainly have no control over the glare it produces. Or do we? At the workplace where time well spent in productivity is vital, some will go to great lengths to block the glare on the computer screen. One employee we came across simply taped a cardboard square on the window to block the sun’s glare. 

As the day went on, the cardboard was adjusted according to where the sun came in. Creative? Yes indeed. Innovative? To a degree. I, for one, admired the creativity of this dedicated worker. What I admired more, however, is that Gator Blinds & Shutters was called in to remedy the issue. Our wide selection of roller shades is like adding sun glasses for your windows. Say goodbye to glare and to cardboard shields. Call Gator Blinds & Shutters today and request a free quote.

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