God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference

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Dollar-A-Minute Coaching, La Jolla, California

La Jolla, California

La Jolla, California

Coaching with Dr. Ghia
Schedule a time to talk to me! I offer coaching at a rate of $1 per minute and you can schedule me in 15 minute intervals! I look forward to talking with you soon - Dr. Ghia

About Dr. Ghia
~ Asa ~ ( /’ay-sah/ ) is a Hebrew name, which means “doctor,” or “healer” and Dr. Ghia is used as both, she is a professor of Psychology, received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology December 2010, in Southern California, and her Masters of Arts Counseling and Psychology in 2005. Dr. Ghia believes in MINDFULNESS techniques and teaches the art of staying in the here and now. Dr. Ghia also believes in long term healing that comes from really delving into your healing process in practical ways (Yoga, EFT, walking, Jogging, cleansing breathing, forgiveness of others as well as ourselves for real or perceived wrongs), all of which are being done with the HEART of healing AND gratitude. Dr. Ghia is beginning work on another PH.D and with this the Dr. is looking forward to adding even more to FWM and Asaexpressives . Dr. Ghia Is also a licensed Ordained Minister.

Dr. Ghia's Methods and Modalities
My method is a Spirit, Soul, Body connection, melding two worlds together the, " Holistic " and the Western thinking approach, these are apart of the amazing world of Mindfulness Behavior Modification Life Coaching. The process I teach helps people of all ages and all backgrounds FIND their niche, that place that they were meant to dwell and if embraced will help you embark on a life of fullness and meaning, we all have purpose and we all should be living in that purpose . When we work together (some via e mail and Skype, phone) or if we are meeting in person in our NEW Personal Healing Retreats, I will listen and begin to get an understanding of what you want for your life and how I can help you meet these goals.

I use GROUP sessions, education, life experiences and the many different modalities, to draw you out and into the place where you can achieve greatness. Your life at this present moment may not reflect your heart, we have all been there you are not alone and this is even more reason for you to begin seeing yourself as a gift to this world. The fluidity of the work will help it stay exciting and engaging through the growth process. This is the time to do all the healthy things you have been promising yourself for years that you were going to accomplish. Taking the spiritual , the Psych, and the cultural sides of life and giving tools in these arenas will allow for some seriously AUDACIOUSLY creative seconds, minutes and hours, as myself and my team help you in this journey.

-Dr. Ghia

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