Additional Links to Visit - Ocala Florida

Here are some additional websites that would be helpful to visit!

OPPG - Office of PublicProfessional Guardians
-Responsible for registration of Florida's Professional Guardians
-Appoints local public guardian offices to handle indigent wards
Visit OPPG

CE Broker
-Source for all continuing education informaton.. courses, training etc
Visit CE Broker

NGA - National Guardianship Association
-Provides national training and networking opportunities
-Promotes national ethics and standards of excellence.
Visit NGA

CGC - Center for Guardianship Certification
-Issues NCG designation for successful completion of the Guardianship Competency Exam.
Visit CGC

FSGA Florida State Guardianship Assocation
-Statewide Organization of Guardians, Attorneys, and Support Service personnel involved in guardianship.
-Provides education, legislative advocacy, liaison with other legal and professional organizations and issue communication with members.
Visit FSGA

Fifth District Court Clerk
-Source of local rules and reporting requirements
Visit FDCC

Florida State Website
-Entry Point for all kinds of information about Florida.
Visit Florida State Website

Personal/Business Information Input Form
-Sign-Up Here to Have your bio on the HOF website
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United Way of Marion County 2-1-1 Program
-By dialing "2-1-1" you will speak with a representative who can help with information about social resources available in our area - housing, child care, etc.
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