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Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Who We Are
The Heart of Florida Chapter is a chapter of the Florida State Guardianship Association (FSGA), a nonprofit corporation founded in 1983 for the improvement of guardianship services in Florida. Governed by a Board of Directors representing eight geographical areas of the state, FSGA is dedicated to promoting the protection, dignity and rights of incapacitated persons. FSGA focuses on furthering the professionalism of guardians through education, networking and legislative action. All members subscribe to the organization’s Code of Ethics.

The Heart of Florida Chapter welcomes members from Marion, Sumter, Lake, Citrus, Hernando, Alachua and surrounding counties. Chapter members include professional guardians, family/volunteer guardians and affiliated memberships including attorneys, health care providers, facility administrators and others concerned with guardianship. All chapter members are required to be members of FSGA.

On this website, you will be able to access information about our guardian and affiliated members. Any of our chapter members will be happy to talk with you about your guardianship questions and concerns, and will refer you to the right person if they can’t answer your questions.

Professional Guardians:
Professional Guardians are appointed by the Court to handle the personal and/or financial affairs of persons who have been legally declared to lack capacity to handle those affairs, but have no friends or family willing or able to take on these duties. Professional Guardians have been thoroughly trained, including passing a competency exam, background and credit checks and are required to obtain continuing education credits every two years. Professional Guardians are most often required to be bonded for each Guardianship. Every Professional Guardian is registered with the Florida State Public Guardianship Office (SPGO). They are designated as Registered Professional Guardians (RPG). Professional Guardians may additionally earn the designation of National Certified Guardian (NCG) or National Master Guardian (NMG) by passing an examination demonstrating additional competency and experience administered by the Center for Guardianship Certification.

Family/Volunteer Guardians/Guardian Advocates
Family and Volunteer Guardians and Guardian Advocates for developmentally disabled adults, are appointed by the court to handle the personal and financial affairs of a friend or family member who has been legally declared to lack capacity to handle those affairs, or for certain minor children. Family and Volunteer Guardians, upon appointment, receive appropriate training, and are monitored by the Court throughout the Guardianship.

Affiliate Members
Affiliate members are not Guardians, but are professionals and others who are interested in or who provide goods and services to Guardians, including resources for in-home care and special assisted living facilities for incapacitated individuals. These members include attorneys, case managers, accountants and financial planners, home healthcare agencies, administrators of nursing homes and assisted living facilities and others.

The Florida State Guardianship Association is dedicated to the protection of the dignity and rights of incapacitated persons and to increasing the professionalism of guardianship through education, networking and legislative action.

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