Manatee Tour - Crystal River Florida

Manatee Tour Three Sisters Springs Crystal River Manatee and friend

Our Manatee Tour Adventures will provide you with the ultimate Manatee tour! Your tour is completely private and intimate; providing the best experience possible! Our boats are top of the line, clean, comfortable and safe with easy on and off access.

Your tour will begin at Twin Rivers Marina. Take a journey through  breath taking King's Bay arriving at your dream destination, Three Sisters Springs; winter  home and sanctuary of  the Sea Cow, ancestor to the elephant. Here you will experience a once in a life time event of swimming with the manatees.

These adorable funny mermaids when born average 3 - 4 ft long and weigh 60 to 70 lbs.  They can grow to weigh 800-1200 lbs. and travel from salt to fresh water. There's a calf born every 5 years and they don't ween from their mothers for 2 years. 

If you are lucky  you will receive a manatee kiss!  These Gentle Giants have traveled to this Florida paradise to rest and enjoy the cool and clear waters. In the winter the water temperature is a steady 72 degrees.  To learn more about why the area is such a jewel visit .
                                              Your tour will last as long as you like; there is truly no time limit!

On this tour you’re provided with everything you need; Snorkels, masks, and wet suits. Your tour also includes complementary drinks and snacks. 

Your captain is USCG  ( U.S. Coast Guard) certified. Safety and fun are of the highest priority. Our family and the manatees of Crystal River look forward to seeing you, your family and friends. We welcome large groups.

- CREATE YOUR OWN TOUR, not all tours or tour companies are the same. Contact us now. 
   We're available here through are contact page or call today!

- Tour Special!  One day may not be enough.  Plan on a second day for touring the islands, fishing or just enjoying the beauty of Florida Coast waters.  

- Manatee tour and swim special; minimum of $210.00 ( party of three). Large parties welcome.
  After deposit, pay the Captain $60.00 pp.

video; Manatee Protects her Calf, Discovery
video; William Dunn, 2014
video; Endangered Species, WWF


Please provide sex and weight for wet suit fitting when booking. Deposit paid when booking.