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XtremeAIR 5K Race Series: Ocala FL 4/23

April 7, 2016 XtremeAIR 5K Race Series: Ocala FL 4/23

North Central Floridians - Tired or your boring 5k runs? On Saturday, April 23, Xtreme Air’s Ocala 5k Race, an obstacle course featuring 12 inflatable obstacles, is coming to town. Sure, you may have done mud runs, adventure races, and other Ocala running races, but this Xtreme Air inflatable is incomparable to any other race you’ve previously run. First, Xtreme Air 5k has one priority: that you have the time of your life, while also remaining safe and priding itself on being an inclusive race for all ages and fitness levels. We want everyone to join in the fun! Who wouldn’t want to race through the wildest hybrid of a bouncy house and an American Gladiators/Nickelodeon’s Guts or Legends of the Hidden Temple/American Ninja Warrior (pick your TV show reference based on your age) live action set. Xtreme Air 5k’s 12 inflatable obstacles are spread out over a scenic 5k course at the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park, located at 11008 South Highway 475, Ocala, FL...

Horse Park Wins Big

April 7, 2016 Horse Park Wins Big

After getting nothing from the state in 2015, the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park received $5 million this year which will help it finish much needed infrastructure projects and add more amenities at it moves toward self-sustainability.This week, Gov. Rick Scott signed the state’s more than $82 billion budget, leaving the $5 million the Florida Legislature earmarked for the park. In 2015, Scott nixed $2 million for the park.Read the full article from the Ocala Star Banner