Fall Fling Volunteers - Ocala Florida

Below is a brief description of each position. Most positions do not require prior experience, as all
volunteers are instructed on-site before the competition by the officials of that competition. You can 
visit our website, flhorsepark.com, for more detailed descriptions of each position. Also, if you have any 
questions or concerns about a position, please feel free to call or email the Florida Horse Park Events 
Manager, Ellen Ettenger, 352-307-6119, [email protected]

  • Scribe: Writes comments and marks given by Judge 
  • In Gate: Open the gate for competitors to enter 
  • Warm Up: Makes sure the next several competitors are ready 
  • Score Runner: Picks up score sheets and takes them to scoring office 
  • Dressage Hospitality: Makes sure volunteers have food/water 
  • Scoring Assistant: Helps scorer with filing 
  • Show Office Assistant: Helps show secretary as directed 
  • Driving Repair Crew: Assists Course Designer if repairs needed 
  • Driving Marathon Obstacle Observer: Observes and records competitors track through the 
  • Driving Marathon Obstacle Timer: Times each competitor through the obstacle 
  • Driving Marathon Section Timer: Times each competitor on course 
  • Driving Marathon Hold Up Timer: Times any competitor hold ups on course 
  • Vet Box Timer: Times each competitor in the vet box 
  • Vet Box Scribe: Writes down TPR for each competitor (temperature, pulse and respiration) 
  • Vet Box TPR: Performs functions to ascertain the TPR for each competitor 
  • Driving Marathon Announcers Scribe: Assists Announcer 
  • Driving Obstacle Cones Cones Setter: Sets width of cones for competitors 
  • Awards Steward: Helps with awards 
  • Barn Manager: Makes sure competitors are in the correct stalls (they will be labeled) 
    sells/provides shavings, if needed, keeps barns free of trash and debris. 
Documents Attached to Fall Fling Volunteers:
Fall Fling Volunteer Form