How Does it Work?

Posted at 3:14 pm on 02/24/2014

Exede - How does it work

How Dose Exede Satellite Internet Work?

How does our technology work?

Exede links your computer to the Internet with a high-speed connection through one of our high capacity satellites. A small 30 inch satellite dish, about the same size as a satellite TV dish, and an Exede modem are all you need. We provide the equipment and our nationwide team of certified professionals will install the service at your home for free.**

The whole thing happens in the blink of an eye.

Here’s the big picture. Let’s say you’re sitting at your computer wondering about monkey astronauts… how

many were there? You type “monkey astronauts” into your favorite search engine and click enter. Your request is sent through the Exede modem to the satellite dish outside, which then transmits your request 22,000 miles into space to our satellite. Our satellite is just sitting up in space, waiting for your request.

The satellite relays this request back down to one of our gateways on planet Earth, which then sends it to your favorite search engine. The search engine works its own magic and sends a list of space monkey-related websites back to our gateway, which sends it back up to the satellite, which relays it back down to the dish outside your house, through the modem and back to your computer.

The whole process takes only seconds. When you click on the Wikipedia entry for monkeys in space, the entire thing happens again, and soon you’re reading that 32 monkeys flew in the space program worldwide from 1948 to 1996, and that the first monkey astronaut was named Albert.

Here’s a diagram showing how the whole thing works:

1. Your computer and the Exede modem.
You may connect your computer directly to the Exede modem with an Ethernet cable (included). Better yet, connect a wireless router to create your own local wireless network, enabling you to connect multiple computers, tablets, smart phones and other wireless devices to your Exede service.

2. The Exede dish.
Our dish receives signals from and transmits signals to the satellite. It’s about the same size as satellite TV dishes, and can be mounted to the outside of your house, on the roof, or on a pole on your property. Standard installation is free.**

3. Exede satellites
Located in geostationary orbit 22,000 miles above the equator, our satellites provide an efficient, effective method to provide high speed Internet service to the U.S. using spot beam technology. The main purpose of the satellite is to relay signals from your home to our gateways, and back again. 

4. Exede gateways
Our gateways are located throughout North America. The gateway receives the signal from the satellite and connects it to the Internet, and transmits the data from the Internet back up to the satellite.

5. The Internet
Everything on the Internet that’s available via a wired connection is also available through Exede satellite Internet service. You will now be able to browse the web super fast, download music and movies, share photos and video chat with friends and family, and much, much more.

Exede Internet is a brand new service, but we’re no strangers to the world of satellite Internet technology. Exede is brought to you by ViaSat, the company that provides high speed internet to JetBlue Airlines and brought WildBlue to rural America since 2005.

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