Customer Reviews

Posted at 4:52 pm on 02/24/2014

Customer Reviews

Here is what our customers are saying about their New Exede Internet Service Service

“Exede Broadband has cut my caffeine consumption considerably as I no longer need to have a cup of coffee while waiting for files to be transferred to and from the Internet.”

Al in Waynesville, North Carolina

“The performance is so much better than what we had before. The biggest ‘test’ for me was if my VPN would work. I felt so isolated from work with the previous connection. The other plus was that my daughters could actually go to school-related sites and actually have the pages load and videos play.”

Chip in Catlet, Virginia

“Exede's fast service saves time and makes the entire web experience much more enjoyable. My speed tests clock 18-24 mbps... that’s 10-12 times faster than Hughes Net!”

Emmanuel in Custer, Wisconsin

“Exede is the fastest Internet I ever used.”

Frank in Florence, Arizona

“Exede has allowed us to use social media sites to share photos, upload videos, play online games and take online classes full time.”

Jamie in Varney, Kentucky

“I believe it is almost as fast as [the cable company] that I have used in big cities. The faster speed has been outstanding! I have to email a lot of photos and documents in my line of work and the new service has helped me immensely! Thank You all.”

Jerry in Eagle Peak, Idaho

“Everything is faster with Exede.”

Lisa in Cambridge, Wisconsin

“My computer is humming along faster that it ever has... my emails, downloading files, etc,... very quick and smooth.”

Lynn in Glendora, California

“Web browsing is much faster, uploading photos to Flickr is great, downloading iPad app updates... all is much faster.”

Peter in Chesapeake City, Maryland

“Exede has made it finally feel like we are part of the digital community again.”

Shawn in Lillington, North Carolina

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