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Being charged with driving under the influence in Lake County, Florida can happen to just about anyone. There may come a time when you honestly believe you are fine to drive but law enforcement makes an arrest. Wether you've been wrongfully accused with a improper arrest or made an honest mistake - let Chris Polak's experience in the court room decide.

Florida law states a legal limit of .08 percent. Sometimes other factors can come into play that cause law enforcement to believe you're under the influence such as prescription drugs and even some over the counter medicines. The state cannot rely on breathalyzer tests. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

It's your legal right to fight back, let experienced DUI attorney Chris Polak give you a voice in the courtroom.

Chis is a former law enforcement officer, assistant state attorney, and now defends people charged with crimes in the state of Florida.

Hire a lawyer that understands the law and the criminal justice system. Schedule a consultation online or call us today!

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