yay doc of rock

Posted at 8:21 am on 01/22/2014
wow! Doc Of Rock is amazing.i went in to buy gauges and everyone there was so helpful.i didnt expect for them to actually put them in for me! ha i picked out some that i liked and he was like "ok lets go in the back." despite first physical impressions(ha)they were awesome.really really clean and explained everything.personally, i have extremely low pain tolerance...so i fainted like 4 times when he tapered my ears but it was OK! cause they comforted me and everything turned out to be great! they really know what they're doing!! :]] i currently have the same gauges in that i got that day and they are so cuteee! p.s. i went up to a ten gauge by myself and they got infected everytime and when doc of rock did them they havent been infected since..so i guess that right there says something good for itself! thanks doc of rock! i will definitely come back when i get my lip pierced!

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