Piercing Blog 1- Microdermals!

Posted at 8:06 pm on 05/29/2014
Many people out there love the look of dermals, but view them as something to be admired, not had. You may think to yourself that it is too painful, or that you just can't rock it, but this is just not the case! Now that i have decided to call Ocala home, you can get them in the least painful way possible. I have put aside many tools over the years in my quest to grow as a piercer, and fortunately have learned a trick or 3 along the way. i use a different technique and insert dermals into a tiny incision created at the site of the piercing. They heal up quicker and tighter than those inserted via biopsy punch, and, in the event of removal, leave a nominal amount of scar tissue. Because of the techniques I employ, I am one of the few piercers that has received permission from the Marion County Dept. of Health to offer removal services. Oftentimes I will remove an ill-placed dermal, and my new client will come back to have it reinserted after the skin heals. 
A word on jewelry: the quality of the metals used in piercings and implants has a huge impact on if and how your piercing heals. I use only high quality, implant-grade metals in my work. 316L surgical stainless steel and G-23 implant grade titanium not only look better, but heal better, too. So it's all i use! Come on down and speak with us today. You'll be glad you did.

We also have an on site notary public for parents wishing to allow their children to be tattooed or pierced. Both the parent and child are required to have a state issued photo ID (not school ID).

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