Diamond in the Rough

Posted at 8:21 am on 01/22/2014
I went in to Doc of Rock basically on a whim to get my nostril pierced. I am not into the piercing or tattoo scene at all. I was ready to back out the first sign I saw of anything that unnerved me. I got there less than an hour before closing. The first guy was great, explained everything, then had me fill out the paperwork while he went to get the 'piercer'. I was ready to bolt. When the piercer came out from the back of the shop, before I could form first impressions based on a visual, I was overwhelmed by his spirit. He was patient and kind and knowledgable. I trusted him instantly. He has amazing Caribbean sea green eyes, and a calm demeanor. Bottom line: my nostril is pierced, it looks great, it didn't hurt, and I met an amazing, talented spirit in Ocala. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he looks like a pirate. Thanks, Captain Jack. You rock.

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