6th Level Spells

6th Level Spells - 3/day, DC 22
Analyze Dweomer - Divination
Banishment - Abjuration
Dispel Magic, Greater - Abjuration
Energy Immunity - Abjuration
Harm - Necromancy
Heal - Conjuration (Healing)
Heroes' Feast - Conjuration (Creation)
Planar Ally - Conjuration (Calling) [see text for lesser planar ally]
Resistance, Superior - Abjuration
Spiritual Guardian - Evocation [Force]
Summon Monster VI - Conjuration (Summoning) [see text for summon monster I]
Visage of the Deity - Transmutation [Good or Evil]
Wind Walk - Transmutation [Air]
Word of Recall - Conjuration (Teleportation)