About: Custom Orthotics Lab

Jamie Hill, CPed, LPed

A Board Certified Pedorthist... I am often asked "What is a Pedorthist"....


According to the Medical Dictionary, a Pedorthist is "The art concerned with the design, manufacture, fit and modification of shoes and related foot appliances as prescribed for the amelioration of painful or disabling conditions of the foot and limb."

We team up with Physicians and we have become an effective asset to their Patient Care Team.

As a Board Certified Pedorthist I am described as the practitioner who provides prescription footwear and related devices to patient referred by the medical profession. My job is to:

1. Fill the prescription from the Doctor for Diabetic or Comfort Footwear and Orthotics are filled.
2. Assess and evaluate the patient's pedorthic requirements in relation to the foot problem and function loss.
3.To assist in formulating effective footwear design by selecting materials and by fabricating casts, mold modifications or scanning the foot.
4. We take the necessary time it takes to give the patient the most comfortable shoes and the perfect fit.

We Require prescriptions to perform work which affects biomechanical functions of the feet (i.e.wedges, build-ups, etc). Since some insurance carriers cover shoes, orthotics, and modifications specified by prescriptions, we request that the physician take the time to write the script complete with diagnosis for the patient and include notes via faxing us at 352-390-6973.

Sherry Hill and Caitlyn Howell our office manager