Renewable Energy

Cressida Industries has targeted specific partnerships in order to offer a full line of products for the renewable energy and environmental sector. We work direct with manufactures and service providers to ensure any product or service has been fully vetted before it goes to market under the Cressida Industries umbrella. Cressida Industries' focus is on Led lighting and water purification.

Led Lighting: Cressida Industries presents a good, better, best option for your LED needs. With our position and experience in procuring product in Asia, we have partnered with a manufacturing facility to offer direct to manufacturer pricing. We work closely with engineers and managers at our facilities in China and also in the U.S. By working through China, we can offer a good option with extremely competitive pricing while maintaining an excellent quality product. We also work direct with manufactures in the U.S., and have ability to offer a better and best product line. We offer a wide range of products that fit specifically to your LED needs. From a budget light with a 5 year warranty, all the way to our best option, with a 15 year warranty, and made in the U.S.A. Cressida Industries can provide for your LED needs. Working alongside the manufacturer, engineers, and our "energy savings expert" staff we can provide the appropriate option for your specific needs. We also have relationships with Mexican based companies that understand how to get government projects off the ground and fully financed. We have a team of experts ready to help you realize the savings that LED lights can bring to your business, city, or state.

Water Purification: Cressida Industries has worked to solve water purification issues in developing countries, and it is something we are extremely passionate about. We currently offer two solutions. The first solution is the most obvious: filtration. We have worked with our manufacturing partners to develop water fountains which do not operate using a typical Reverse Osmosis system. Our fountains use our unique filters to extract heavy metals and contaminants that reside in most drinking water found in Latin America. The new technology in filtration allows you to do away with the old RO systems and the costly maintenance associated with it. Instead, our fountains use an easily replaceable filter. With Cressida Industries' fountains, there is no need for electricity or large storage facilities, but simply a place to put the public water fountain. This presents a low cost and efficient filtration option for schools, parks, and other government entities looking to bring clean potable drinking water to the people.

Cressida Industries also has a joint venture with Akwaton who has developed new technology in chemical water treatment. This is the second solution. Akwaton cleaner is a highly effective disinfectant and water treating agent. What sets Akwaton apart from other products is its lack of odor, taste (chlorine based products), lack of color, very good solubility, fast action, and its lack of corrosive properties. Akwaton's main characteristic is its effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, and fungi all while using very low concentrations of the solution. When applied as recommended, it does not harm human beings or the environment. Akwaton was developed for travelers (eg. camping, alpinists), for military personnel, humanitarian organizations, and also for anyone who has to drink water of questionable microbiological quality. The problem of clean drinking water is not a problem only found in distant countries, but in our own cities as well. With Akwaton you have the ability to purify large quantities of water within minutes. Akwaton's quick purification makes it a beneficial product in both emergency situations and daily use. Even clear water from a mountain stream is not guaranteed to be microbiologically safe water. Akwaton and Cressida Industries are offering a product not found elsewhere; a product that can truly save lives.