Oil & Gas

We at Cressida Industries understand how your product, or services, can be used in the international oil and gas market. We work alongside Pemex, private Mexican companies, and U.S. companies operating in Mexico to help with supply chain needs. We also specialize in bringing companies into new markets in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. With our network of connections in the oil and gas sector we have the ability to put major projects directly onto the desks of decision makers.

Valves: We believe in working on a basis of relationship because part of developing a quality product is developing quality service. A person or company must have a level of trust and comfort with a provider. Cressida Industries has this type of relationship with our valve manufacturer. We work as a sales arm in Latin America and the U.S. with direct-line access to the highest decision makers. When you have a question or concern we go directly to the top. There are no dealings with mid level managers or corporate bureaucracies when dealing with the Cressida Industries. It is this direct channel of communication which allows Cressida Industries to express our client's needs, and provide flexibility that is unmatched.

Our partners originally manufactured these valves in the U.S., but quickly discovered that manufacturing in China was far more competitive. They own every part of the manufacturing process from design and engineering to casting and forging; from assembly to managing shipments, and can even provide on-site expertise. Cressida Industries, and its partners, are not just some other Chinese valve manufacturers, we are here in your backyard. We have done small projects, and have worked on large projects such as the Kemper County coal plant in Mississippi – a project that cost $6.1 billion. When purchasing Cressida Industries valves you get the economy pricing of Chinese manufacturing with the quality of US certifications. Cressida Industries partners have certifications ISO 9001:2008, API 6D , API 602, API 607, EC Certificate of Conformity and NACE Certified. Cressida Industries partners currently boast a large presence in Europe, and control over 60% of the oil and gas ball valve market in China. Even though they are a new player in the U.S. and Mexico, with projects such as the Kemper County Coal plant they are quickly making a name for themselves. They are a preferred "A-list provider" for valves. With Cressida Industries Valve Division's expertise in international business we understand the potential issues, and can be proactive in eliminating problems that occur while doing international transactions. Cressida Industries Valve Division is headquartered in Houston, and has a full service valve shop. Our valve shop operates a full service valve maintenance facility with a complete scope of work that includes valve modifications (trim,end connection, cryogenic extension), testing, and remanufacturing. In addition to MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) services and inventory modifications for our customers, our maintenance facility serves as a complete warranty center for all Cressida Industries valves and actuator products. Cressida Industries and its partners are a large privately owned company but has flexibility to operate as a mom and pop shop while providing all the benefits of a massive valve manufacturer.