Manufacturing Solutions

At Cressida Industries, we have the incredible opportunity to work beside companies in the integral manufacturing stage of their product. We relish being able to directly aid in business growth by creating the most efficient manufacturing solutions. Our clients span every stage in the manufacturing process, and our goal is to aid them in reaching their business goals in any way possible. We specialize in the procurement of manufacturing. This service entails qualifying manufacturers, making plant visits, requests for quotation, quality control, import and export oversight, transportation, and we can even go so far as providing sales avenues for your specific product.

Cressida Industries also has unique relationships with shelter operations in the border region of Texas and Mexico to provide 2 options of service: full scale manufacturing services, or management services.

Manufacturing Services: This program removes all of the bureaucratic workload involved in a Maquiladora start-up. Am-Mex provides the facility, staffing, training, equipment installation, and coordination of the functions required when operating a business in Mexico. Under this Contract Manufacturing agreement, the client provides the raw material, process equipment, engineering, and quality specifications. The involvement of the client in the operation can range from periodic visits to on-site representation depending on the customer's desired level of involvement. Over half of Cressida Industries manufacturing projects are for the automotive industry. We have experience in plating, welding, injection molding, circuit board, remanufacturing, repackaging, and light assembly projects. Under this type of arrangement, a rate per labor hour is quoted, normally based on a minimum thirty-six month commitment by the contracting client company (customer).

Management Services: This program provides companies with all of the general and administrative support necessary to assist the client in their wholly owned Maquiladora. This allows the client to manage production and quality directly while Cressida Industries and its partners handle the general and administrative functions. These support services include, but are not limited to, union negotiations, acquisition of Mexican manufacturing license (Mexican entity establishment), environmental compliance, human resource functions, cafeteria services, security, import/export, warehousing, payroll, and financial reporting systems. For a flat monthly fee, we will locate a team of our own experienced employees within your facility to manage BPO activities such as accounting services or import/export needs. This is more than a consulting service, it is a hands on involvement within your daily operations that deals with all of the legal, political, and social obstacles that companies must comply with in order to manufacture in Mexico.