Government Solutions

Human Identification: Cressida Industries has partnered with Identity Science to offer the next frontier in human identification. The centerpiece of the AbP·ID Human Identification System is the AbP·ID test. This test uniquely identifies the Individual-Specific Autoantibodies (ISAs) found in each person. The AbP·ID system is a fully automated process that is a simple, fast, and cost effective tool when compared to other human identification technologies. Identity Sciences and Cressida Industries are dedicated to the invention, design, development, and implementation of innovative, accurate, and secure human identification systems. IDS and Cressida Industries create identification solutions suitable for a variety of project sizes including large or small scale government and private sector integration. This science paired with a unique ID card allows an individual to have a card that contains several security features including a proprietary additive that is unique to the card issuer, which prevents the ID card from being counterfeited.