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Laredo, Texas

Laredo, Texas

Cressida Industries exists to deliver supply chain solutions to companies in every marketplace by utilizing our relationships throughout all of Latin America.


Cressida Industries has four different divisions of focus: Oil & Gas, Government Solutions, Renewable Energy, and Manufacturing Solutions. Within each of our divisions, our goal is to be a one stop shop. We have relationships with decision makers at all levels of each of these industries. Whether it's a direct to manufacturing desire, or a social needs project within government, we have the experience and the network to see the project through.

The People Make 
the Difference

At Cressida Industries, we believe in honesty, integrity, and transparency. We believe that all of business will run smoothly if it is run under the context of these three qualities.

Why Auto Makers Are Building New Factories...

(03/18/2015) ​Audi says that an array of free trade agreements favors Mexico over U.S. sites. Its not just the price of skilled labor that is attractive to Audi. If you think about a $50,000 car made in the U.S. that is then exported to Europe there is a 10% duty on that car. So thats $5000 in duties that Audi is paying. When that same car is made in Mexico there is no duty. This means with an already concentrated area of auto manufactures in Mexico, low cost skilled labor and free trade agreements it is a huge win for Audi and it will be easy to do business. No reinventing the wheel or stepping out alone as the only auto manufacture, Audi is simply following suit.  Here an article in the Wall Street Journal talking about Audi decision to change things up.

Why Mexico?

(02/02/2015) The global landscape of manufacturing is shifting, and Comercio Group has positioned itself ahead of the market curve. Manufacturing is transitioning from offshore, to near-shore operations, and we are prepared to aid the process in every way possible. Mexico is the ideal partner for companies seeking manufacturing because of optimal location, low labor cost, and advantageous transportation fees. Mexico also enables companies the opportunity to have a relationship both with the manufacturing of their product and their manufacturer. Comercio Group's partners have over 20 years of relationships built in Mexico, and have manufacturing connections throughout the nation.

Advantages of Moving your Manufacturing to...

(02/02/2015) ​Welcome to the new website of Comercio Group. On behalf of our staff, we thank you for visiting. We hope you find the site to be educational and friendly. Our goal at Comercio Group is to provide manufacturing solutions for our clients, but to also create lasting relationships in every step of the process. We believe in what we do, and we hope to share our passion, for both manufacturing and Mexico, with you.We will use our blog to frequently post new information regarding the advantages of manufacturing in Mexico. Please give us a call at any point if you are interested in learning more about Comercio Group. We would love to get to know you. Thanks for visiting our page, and we hope to speak with you soon!

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