Youth Philanthropy in Action - Ocala Florida

Youth Philanthropy in Action

The Community Foundation is proud to sponsor Youth Philanthropy in Action - a  program of the Non-Profit Business Council.  Launched in early 2012, this new and innovative program was featured in Ocala Magazine's Charity Register in November 2011 in an article entitled "Generous Generous".

Students are introduced early on to the concept of "philanthropy" and come to understand that each in his or her own way can make a difference in their community. The results were overwhelming in the depth of student engagement, the depth of their research, but most importantly the depth of their passion for their respective causes.

The pilot was held at Blessed Trinity's 8th grade social studies classes early in 2012. Following the presentation at Blessed Trinity, the Foundation hosted an editorial board review with the Ocala Star Banner during which the students themselves told their stories of what the program meant to them. 

Since the inaugural launch in 2012 - 9 Middle Schools - 538 students - 7 semesters - 19 Charities/Non-Profits - $9500 in grants.  

The Community Foundation has established a designated fund for this wonderfully successful program. We welcome sponsors and donors to build sustainability for this grant fund.

Documents Attached to Youth Philanthropy in Action:
Charity Update - Generation Generous
YPIA - the Pilot