Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs - Ocala Florida

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Guardian Angels began in 2009, when our Founder & Executive Director, Carol Borden was approached by Sam, a young man tragically paralyzed in a high school football accident. Sam required the constant aid of a caregiver, and had acquired a young German Shepherd named Bessie for companionship and a sense of independence, but quickly lost control of the dog. Carol, long known in Florida as an expert dog trainer, who’d been training dogs for nearly 50 years, was asked by Sam to train the dog. After what seemed like endless hours of training, there emerged this amazing service dog that was settled, obedient and able to give this man his life back. She now had the skills to pick up dropped items, open and close doors, bring him water from the refrigerator; help him move from his chair to the shower and so much more.

Watching Sam & Bessie function as a true team after the months of training brought  everything into perspective for Carol, and at last she knew just what her years of dog-training and Business experience were for, and Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs was born.

Since that first successful pairing, Guardian Angels is very proud to have donated
more than 180 wonderful service dogs with deserving veterans and others in
need. Guardian Angels trains for a variety of conditions, from mitigation of
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms, to
seizure or insulin alerting, to mobility issues and more.

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is funded entirely by donation and private grant support. Without you, we could not continue this life-saving work.  Every dollar
truly makes a difference at Guardian Angels, and approximately 88 cents of
every dollar goes directly to feeding, housing, caring for and training of
these amazing animals. 

The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County is honored to partner with Guardian Angels to facilitate their ongoing fundraising activities and have established a matching gift fund for their new campus building campaign.   

Located on 60+ acres in Levy County, FL, the new state of the art campus will enable Guardian Angels to expand its training program to more than quadruple the number of dogs successfully paired with veterans and guest responders to meet the ever growing demand for these life saving canines.   

Please contribute today and be a part of the life saving work of Guardian Angels...your contributions can be made on line through the link below.

Documents Attached to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs :
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