NonProfit Alliance Introduces Economic Impact Results

Posted at 1:15 pm on 03/31/2017

The NonProfit Alliance has announced the release of their economic impact research on Florida's nonprofit sector.  Executive Director Sabeen Perwaiz stated:

"FNA is presenting clear and concise information on the breadth and financial scope of the nonprofit sector. We will be sharing the results with our elected officials and Chambers of Commerce across the state in the next two weeks. Our sector can now proudly state findings like, 'In 2015, the nonprofit sector and the construction industry each employed 6% of Florida’s workforce'.”

Key findings include:

1.      Generates $26 billion in annual wages

2.      The average annual wage in state for our sector is $39,456 when we take out health and education institutions

3.      Ranks 40th in the nation for nonprofit assets per capita


You can review the research here. The report includes four distinct pieces:

1.      One page infographic that highlights the impact of our sector across the state of Florida

2.      An executive summary that highlights industry, regional and national comparisons for our sector

3.      FL Senate district summaries that enable you to share the impact of nonprofits in a Senate district

4.      Interactive data dashboard for you to review data on nonprofits, their social functions, assets and employment data for your region and county for free!



Sabeen Perwaiz  |  Executive Director

Florida Nonprofit Alliance

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