MUNS Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Posted at 4:42 pm on 09/02/2016
Lt. Col. Angelica G. Muns

From left to right:  Dr. Gwen Laphan-Alcorn, Interim Dean- Pam Michell, Scholarship Committee- Maritza Segarra, Scholarship Recipient-Beth McCall, Scholarship Committee Chair-Aleida Martinez, Scholarship Recipient-Kristie Navarro, Scholarship Recipient-Heather Gifford, Scholarship Committee-Kathy Plemmons, Scholarship Recipient, Barbara Fitos, Executive Director/Community Foundation-Dr. Stephanie Cortes, Dean of Nursing.

As Hermine approached the Big Bend area of FL and residents of Ocala/Marion County watched the weather radar, students, faculty and Community Foundation members convened at the new CF Health Sciences Simulation Lab for the MUNS Scholarship awards presentation...And what a fitting location it was!  In October 2015, MRMC pledged $120,000 to purchase patient simulators for the new Health Sciences Simulation Lab at the repurposed Building 16.  This hands on simulation lab will enable CF Nursing, EMT and Paramedic students to experience real life rapid response scenarios - skill sets so needed for these high demand jobs - a true economic stimulus for our community.

A total of $8000, four $2000 scholarships (renewable for the student's term of study subject to ongoing qualifying criteria) were awarded to these recipients:

Aleida Martinez AS Nursing December 2017

Kristie Navarro AS Nursing December 2016

Kathy Plemmons LPN Bridge May 2017

Maritza Segarra AS Nursing May 2017

The Community Foundation is extremely pleased and honored to continue the legacy of Mrs. Muns in creating access to education and training opportunities in these highly sought after skilled nursing positions.

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