Marion County Bar Association Legal Aid Fund

Posted at 1:20 pm on 07/13/2017


CONTACT:   Barbara Fitos
Phone: (352) 804-0306
Email: [email protected]

Ocala, Fla 7/12/17 – The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County is pleased to announce the establishment of the Marion County Bar Association Legal Aid Fund.  Upon recommendation of the Legal Aid Committee of the MCBA, the members unanimously approved the creation of a first of its kind fund to provide civil legal aid services to Marion County citizens.

Donations and contributions to the Fund will be legacy gifts and memorials to honor retired and deceased judges, attorneys and others in recognition of their service to the community and will serve as a repository of bequests by those in the legal profession and others in the community who champion the cause of civil legal aid to those citizens that due to low income constraints are unable to afford the services of a private attorney in civil matters.

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida (CLSMF) will be the recipient of the annual disbursements from the fund earmarked exclusively for Marion County.  CLSMF, serving twelve counties in Mid-Florida, is today the only nonprofit law firm providing free legal aid services in Marion County based on income eligibility standards.

Administering this first of its kind Legal Aid Fund established by the Marion County Bar Association is in keeping with the overall mission of the Community Foundation to serve as a – CONVENER – COLLABORATOR – CATALYST – for community building.   The Foundation serves as a centralized portal for philanthropic giving and a unified voice for all local non-profit entities and the causes they champion. We are excited to promote this unique fund concept throughout the Mid-Florida service area of Community Legal Services and beyond along with other Bar Associations and our fellow Community Foundations throughout the State.

For more information about the MCBA Legal Aid Fund or the Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County please visit our website at: or contact Barbara Fitos, Executive Director, at (352) 507-8116. 


 L-R Renee Thompson, Kimberly Sanchez, Daniel Hightower, Barbara Fitos, Judge Ray McNeal, Robert Batsel – Bar Association Luncheon June 13, 2017

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