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"Beyond the Dollars" Knight Foundation'S giving Day PLAYBOOK

September 8, 2016

The Knight Foundation has produced another exceptional report Beyond the dollars: The long-term value of giving days for community foundations.  Read the full report here.'Community foundations across the country have played a central role in catalyzing giving days. While much of the focus for these online fundraising campaigns has been on the money raised for nonprofit participants, there has been little examination—until now—of the ways in which Giving Days actually benefit the community foundations that organize them.The long-term value of giving days for community foundations showcases the potential for these campaigns to strengthen community foundations by driving community philanthropy, increasing their visibility and credibility, strengthening their online donor engagement capabilities, and positioning community foundations as hubs of information in their communities."

MUNS Scholarship Awards Ceremony

September 2, 2016

Lt. Col. Angelica G. MunsFrom left to right:  Dr. Gwen Laphan-Alcorn, Interim Dean- Pam Michell, Scholarship Committee- Maritza Segarra, Scholarship Recipient-Beth McCall, Scholarship Committee Chair-Aleida Martinez, Scholarship Recipient-Kristie Navarro, Scholarship Recipient-Heather Gifford, Scholarship Committee-Kathy Plemmons, Scholarship Recipient, Barbara Fitos, Executive Director/Community Foundation-Dr. Stephanie Cortes, Dean of Nursing.As Hermine approached the Big Bend area of FL and residents of Ocala/Marion County watched the weather radar, students, faculty and Community Foundation members convened at the new CF Health Sciences Simulation Lab for the MUNS Scholarship awards presentation...And what a fitting location it was!  In October 2015, MRMC pledged $120,000 to purchase patient simulators for the new Health Sciences Simulation Lab at the repurposed Building 16.  This hands on simulation lab will enable CF Nursing, EMT and Paramedic students to experience real life...

New FASB Accounting Standards for Non Profits

August 28, 2016

 New FASB Accounting Standards for Nonprofits ReleasedBy RUTH MCCAMBRIDGE | August 22, 2016FASB Chair Russell Golden described the issues the group addressed and the new guidelines in a press release.While the current not-for-profit financial reporting model held up well for more than 20 years, stakeholders expressed concerns about the complexity, insufficient transparency, and limited usefulness of certain aspects of the model. The new guidance simplifies and improves the face of the financial statements and enhances the disclosures in the notes—which will enable nonprofits to better communicate their financial performance and condition to their stakeholders while also reducing certain costs and complexities in preparing their financial statements.

Community Foundation announces Muns Scholarship Recipients

August 28, 2016

August 26, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:   Barbara Fitos Phone: (352) 804-0306 Email: Angelica G. Muns Nursing Scholarship Awards by The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County   Ocala, Fla 8/26/16– The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County is excited to announce the awarding of the Fall 2016 Angelica G. Muns Nursing Scholarships, each in the amount of $2000, to four qualified applicants: Aleida Martinez - Kristie Navarro - Kathy A. Plemmons - Maritza G. Segarra All are currently seeking degrees in nursing through the College of Central Florida Nursing Program. The scholarship presentations will be held on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2016 @ 4:30 PM at the College’s new Nursing Simulation Lab. The Community Foundation is honored to administer the Angelica G. Muns Nursing Scholarship.  Mrs. Muns, a United States Airforce Lt. Colonel, was a registered nurse who served during World War II. Her love of her military service and of her...

NonProfit Business Council Blog

January 14, 2016

THE NETWORKED NON-PROFITThe NonProfit Business Council of the Ocala Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership is honored to host a NonProfit blog at at the request of Jim Ross, Managing Editor of the Ocala Star Banner.   Members of the Steering Committee have been blogging for the past several months. The opportunity to tell the nonprofit story in our community, to offer advice and to educate on best practices is invaluable.  NonProfit Business Council The Networked Nonprofit Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 5:40 by Allison Campbell By: Barbara Fitos, Executive Director of the Ocala/Marion County Community Foundation   For our NonProfit Business Council’s annual “book club” selection for 2015, we introduced the featured book discussion – Beth Kantor’s The Networked Non-Profit. We all recognize the added value of networking and in today’s world that translates...

Community Foundation to Host Estate Planners Workshop

January 8, 2016

​The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion CountyIs Pleased to HostA Workshop for Estate PlannersCommunity Charitable Giving Through Estate PlanningTHURSDAY, JANUARY 28TH, 20167:45 - 9:00 A.M.Country Club of Ocala6823 Southeast 12th Circle, Ocala, Florida 34480We at the Community Foundation recognize that many of our donors and prospective donors have trusted relationships with their professional advisors. The Community Foundation is uniquely positioned to offer an array of charitable giving vehicles with significant tax advantages to meet your clients’ charitable giving goals both now and for legacy giving in perpetuity. We invite you to join us for breakfast for an informative discussion on the value-added partnership with your Community Foundation as we introduce our newest addition to our family of funds... The Family Foundation FundLook forward to seeing you on the 28th!KINDLY RSVP TO: BARBARA@OCALAFOUNDATION.ORG OR CALL 352-804-0306


November 18, 2015

  9 Middle Schools - 538 Students - 7 Semesters - 19 Charities/Non-Profits - $9500 in GrantsThe Community Foundation is proud to sponsor Youth Philanthropy in Action - a program of the Non-Profit Business Council of the Ocala/Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership.  Begun in 2012, this new and innovative program was a featured story – “Generation Generous” in The Ocala Charity Register – November 2011.  Students are introduced early on to the concept of "philanthropy" and come to understand that each in their own way can make a difference in their community. The results were overwhelming in the depth of student engagement, the depth of their research, but most importantly the depth of their passion for their respective causes. The pilot was held at Blessed Trinity's 8th grade social studies classes early in 2012. Following the presentation at Blessed Trinity, the Foundation hosted an editorial board review with the Ocala Star Banner during which the...

Community Foundation To Administer Lux Trust

July 29, 2015 fund to be administered by foundationTuesday, July 14, 2015 at 4:26 by Susan Smiley-HeightThe Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County has announced that the Munroe Regional Health System District Board of Trustees has given the foundation the Paul Lux Trust Scholarship Fund to administer.The Lux Trust was given to Munroe Regional Medical Center upon the death of Paul Lux in 2005. The trust was established for scholarships for people pursuing careers as radiology or medical technologists, respiratory therapists, speech and language pathologists and midwifery. The current value of the trust is $311,000.Scholarship criteria and an application process will be established by the foundation. In accordance with the terms of the trust, all scholarship recipients must agree to use the training received to care for patients at Munroe Regional Medical Center for at least one year...

Tell Stories That Drive Change - Ann Christiano

July 22, 2015

​Ann Christiano, the Frank and Betsy Karel Endowed Chair in Public Interest Communication and Professor of Public Relations at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications gave the keynote address at the FL Philanthropic Network Summer Meeting in Tampa in June. Named the 2014-2015 University of Florida Teacher of the Year, Ann's talk focused on the power of stories to drive change.She noted the work of Paul Zak, author of The Moral Molecule,  in particular the impact of social networking,  as well as the work of Charles Fernyhough whose groundbreaking book on stories and memory - Pieces of Light - is referenced here as well.  A highlight of her presentation was the remarkable story of "Immortal Fans" the branding campaign for organ donors in Brazil - home to some of the world's greatest and most passionate soccer fans.Ann Christiano will be the featured keynote speaker at the Non-Profit Business Council's fall seminar...look for more details to...

Community Foundation to Administer Paul Lux Trust Scholarship Fund

June 1, 2015

May 28, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Beth McCall Phone: (352) 427-4713 Email: Paul Lux Trust Scholarship Fund to Be Administered by The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County   Ocala, Fla 5/28/15– The Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County is pleased to announce the Munroe Regional Health System District Board of Trustees has given the Community Foundation the Paul Lux Trust Scholarship Fund to administer. The Lux Trust was given to Munroe Regional Medical Center upon the death of Mr. Paul Lux in 2005.  The trust was established for scholarships for persons pursuing careers as radiology or medical technologists, respiratory therapists, speech and language pathologists and midwifery.  The current value of the trust is $311,000.  Scholarship criteria and an application process will be established by the Community Foundation.   In accordance with the terms of the trust, all scholarship recipients must agree to use the training...

"Growing Giving"

April 17, 2015

”GROWING GIVING”*   It is the stories that define a community and it is within those stories that a community defines its identity.   Ocala Marion County is known for its giving and caring spirit, the very hallmark of who we are as a community.  Whether it be feeding the hungry and impoverished, protecting our beautiful environment, celebrating the return of one of our own heroes, or mourning the loss of one who dedicated his life to preserve and protect, we come together as community. Brad Rogers, Ocala Star Banner Editor, captured the challenges/opportunities we face as a community in coining the phrase – the 3Es – Economy-Education-Environment. (9/14 In Our Opinion).  Leveraging, developing and enhancing our community resources is essential if our community is to prosper and thrive.  As Brad noted:  “it’s a great place with a great location...But [we] need skilled and educated workers and a good and ever improving quality of life”.  The Community Foundation...

Non Profit Business Council

December 31, 2014

Introducing this year's featured book discussion for the Non Profit Business Council of the CEP - Beth Kantor's "The Networked NonProfit".....We all recognize the added value of networking and in today's world that translates to social media - many of us, especially in the non profit world, have only cautiously put our toes in the water while others are still standing on the shoreline fearful that the water is too cold or the waves too large...but it's time that we all immerse ourselves!   Beth tells us not only how but why...From Beth's Blog:   " Networked Nonprofits are simple and transparent organizations. They are easy for outsiders to get in and insiders to get out. They engage people to shape and share their work in order to raise awareness of social issues, organize communities to provide services or advocate for legislation. In the long run, they are helping to make the world a safer, fairer, healthier place to live."So be ready to literally "take the plunge" this year to...

Community Foundation collects $1.2 million in 2013

October 3, 2014

​By Fred Hiers, Staff writerThe Community Foundation for Ocala Marion County announced it collected more than $1.2 million during 2013 from high-end donors to distribute to area charities.The organization, which was charted in 2012, accepts donations to fund a variety of charities and organizations, such as the Ocala Symphony Orchestra, and invests and administers charitable investments for such organizations as ARC Marion Foundation.The organization does much of the research legwork for donors who know how they want their donations spent, but do not necessarily have the time or knowhow to vet charities, said Founding Chairman Frank Hennessey.“What we do is help donors discharge their philanthropic desires,” Hennessey said.In many cases, the Community Foundation invests donated money on behalf of donors, with the earnings going toward charities that fit the individual donors’ goals. Those goals include helping local, start-up companies to get bank loans and helping female...

Accelerate Ocala First Step Fund

October 3, 2014

​The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Accelerate Ocala First Step Fund, LLC.  This Fund will serve as the primary funding source to support cash collateral loans and loan guarantees to qualified business start-ups in Ocala/Marion County.Created as a 501(c) (3) not for profit/evergreen fund, Accelerate Ocala First Step Fund LLC (FSF) will address the gap in access to capital through traditional lending channels at the incubator or formation stage for start-up companies. Through a partnership with the Bankers’ Roundtable, the First Step Fund will provide access to critical seed capital to qualified start-up businesses.   The goal of the First Step Fund is to support entrepreneurs in creating commercially viable and sustainable companies with the expressed purpose of job creation and the economic leverage of revenue generation for our community.By establishing the FSF as a not for profit, a unique partnership is thereby created between...