Parenting Class... Put It On Your Schedule - Ocala Florida

Parenting Class - Mon. & Wed. - 5 pm - Rm. 215 Parenting Class... We Can Always Learn More! Parenting... God has given a  manual! Child Care Provided for Parenting Class
Parenting Class - Mondays and Wednesdays - 5:00 pm in Rm. #215

Parenting.... the joys.... the struggles... the questions... the triumphs! There is nothing like it! What an honor it is to know that God has chosen us for such a task. We have been given the responsibility of training a child that has an eternal soul!

With this gift, God has also given us an instruction manual. He cares about our success even more than we do! To receive instruction and direction for the parenting road ahead, please join us at the parenting class! It should be a great time for all....child care will be provide for the kids, and coffee and donuts for all parents!

(There is a book and workbook, (not required for attendance), available to purchase, online, for $21.95.)
Documents Attached to Parenting Class... Put It On Your Schedule:
Parenting Class Questionnaire