Neuromuscular Dentistry - Ocala Florida

Neuromuscular dentistry is the art and science of using the relaxed position of the muscles of the head and neck to place the jaw into an optimal physiologic position. Thirty years of research and clinical experience have shown this technique to be effective in treating patients with various levels of head and neck pain. It is also used in finding the optimal jaw position before restorative dentistry and greatly increases the longevity of restorations and natural dentition.

The process involves using a sophisticated computer program to record and interpret tempromandibular joint (TMJ) sounds, masticatory (chewing) muscle activity (EMG) and the path of movement the jaw follows in function. This information allows us to find the most relaxed physiologic position for the jaw and combined with tomography (specialized jaw joint x-ray) helps determine the best bite for comfort and aesthetics.

Transitional neuromuscular appliances, an orthotic, is fabricated to stabilize a comfortable bite until a permanent solution is made. In many cases, this can act as a permanent solution, but most of the time reconstructive dentistry is performed to get a permanent, beautiful and comfortable, healthy solution with the help of ceramic veneers and crowns. This can all be achieved in a relatively short time within 2-6 months.