Natural Stone Installation

An Installation Process for Natural Stone Countertops
The following process description is a general overview that can be expected from most Natural Stone fabricators and installers. This description is meant to help answer any questions you might have.

The Planning phase:
The Granite Specialist is responsible for helping you select and coordinate all items that are needed to beautify your kitchen and bath areas. these include type and color of stone, type of edge, type of backsplash treatment, type of sink(s) to be sued, faucet and other items like soap/hot water dispensers, and type of stove that will be used.

The Estimating phase:
Specifications that come out of the planning phases are used to provide a written estimate for you. When the specification are finalized and if you have accepted the estimate, you will be asked to sign the estimate which will be used as a Job confirmation that will be passed to the scheduling department for coordination with production.

The Scheduling phase:
Once you have a Job Confirmation, the countertop project goes through the production steps of templating, fabrication, tear out and installation. The scheduling department is responsible for making sure these phases are properly coordinated with you. Open communication is a vital part of this phase.

The Templating phase:
In the templating phase, a pattern of your cabinets’ countertops is made. During this phase, a) all sinks/cook-tops/faucets are checked for compatibility and fit (therefore all such units must be on-site at template), b) final judgment on seam placement is made, c) cabinets are reviewed for any adjustments required, and d) points related to overhang, general support and any personal preferences are discussed. Any refinements needed to cabinetry, etc., which will be required prior to installation of your countertops will be discussed with you. the templating crew will assist you with any question or concerns you might have.

The Fabrication phase:
Just prior to the fabrication phase, the Scheduling Department should make an appointment with you to visit the facility to review and approve the material for your project. Your final job specifications will also be review and you will be asked for you final approval of those specifications during  your visit. A final quote of all costs will also be provided for your review, confirmation and FINAL approval. This will be your last opportunity to make changes before the actual fabrication phase begins. After all materials and specifications have been reviewed, approved and confirmed, your project is assigned to a team of fabricators and released for production.

The Tear Out phase:
if you are not getting new cabinets as part of your project you need to have your old countertops removed. This can be done at the time of or just before the installation phase (tear out service, if required, should be included in the written cost estimate). Part of the tear out service will include a) disconnect all plumbing and electrical connections, leaving the fixtures with you unless otherwise requested by you, b) tear out your existing countertops (and backsplash as applicable), and c) haul away the old countertops unless directed otherwise. It is advisable that you remove all items from your lower cabinets and drawers prior to a tear out since some dust is to be expected. 

The installation phase can take the better part of a day (the Scheduling Department will advise you as to how much time should estimate for installation) and can require some final cutouts to be made in your home. Some dust can result even though our installers are equipped to catch the majority of it. When the installation crew arrives, the lead installer will review the installation with you, answer any question you may have and ask for payment of the final balance due for your project. After, installation, the lead installer will ask you to fill out and sign a Project Completion form. It is strongly recommended that you be present throughout the entire installation. During installation, your undermount sink(s), if applicable, will be mounted under your stone. Also, cooktops faucets, etc. will be dropped into place for confirmation of fit.

Final Steps:
your inspection of the finished job is very important. You will be asked to fill out a standard Job Completion Checklist indicating your acceptance of the job. Plumbing connections and cooktop hookup can occur 24 hours after your countertop installation. If you do not have anyone to perform this for you, the Scheduling Department can recommend a legitimate business to provide the service needed. And questions regarding this process contact your Granite specialist.