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Formula for Success

March 31, 2014

Formula for Success! Many trainers have experienced both the positive and negative influences of improper training methods, whether this is your horse’s misunderstanding of the use of aids, or a problem area that needs addressing. The foundation at which your horse is built upon is the key ingredient to your horse’s successful career. As a trainer, you must determine how much exercise and training should be included routinely in your horses developing stages. As well as how often you should modify your horse’s training program. You must formulate a program that suits the needs of each horse individually. There is not a single, universal, consistent program that could be used for every horse. Which is why its important to be able to formulate a program based on your horse, in his or her current needs. The ground formula for career preparation consists of your horse’s physical and psychological variables. We must first ask ourselves how much physical activity should we...

43rd Annual Thanksgiving Horse show

March 31, 2014

The 43rd Annual Thanksgiving Horse showNovember 27, 2013 – November 30, 2013Show Judges:Pepper Profitt Johnstown, OH: Western, Hunt, Western & Hunt Seat Equitation, Showmanship, Arabian Costume, Arabian-Halter Open, Half Arabian Halter AOTH, Florida Futurities, Show Hack, Walk Trot Western, Hunt Seat,& NSHKevin Price New Berlin, WI: English, Park, Country, Driving, Saddleseat Equitation, Walk Trot English, Country, & Saddleseat Equitation, UPHA, Half Arabian Halter Open, Arabian Halter AOTH, Half Arabian CostumeThomas Poulin St Charles, IL: Sport Horse and Dressage