The Voice of Ocala - Ocala FL

The Voice of Ocala with Buddy Martin

About The Show
The concept of the show, The Voice of Ocala with Buddy Martin, is to deliver a program that creates dialogue in your community where “we all talk to each other and with a free exchange of ideas." The show will take calls and the number is 352-622-9622.

It promises to be friendly, yet provocative; grass roots, yet global; old school and new school; funny, but serious. Callers will be encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts, but mostly on limited topics. “I like to think of it as electronic picket fence,” said Martin, “where we lean over and talk to our next door neighbors about the things that are important to us in the world.”

The Mission
Martin says the mission statement of The Voice of Ocala is to give his community a common place to come, talk and exchange ideas, "the way our forefathers did downtown on the courthouse square." And to also entertain, enlighten, educate and encourage. "And remember, 'The Voice' is not me," said Martin. "It's the people of Ocala."