The Ghost of Steve Spurrier Returns: 'My favorite win over Georgia'

Posted at 8:57 am on 11/02/2015 by Buddy Martin
Attila the Hun has hung up his sword and his whistle. Darth Vader doesn’t work here anymore. The Evil Genius has left the building. But you know he’ll keep popping up just to irritate Bulldog Nation.

That’s not to say Steve Spurrier has forgotten and forgiven everything or lost his pride for conquering his rivals. Especially during Florida-Georgia week.
On the contrary, the Former Head Ball Coach looks back at his accomplishment not unlike how Attila The Hun would as a 5th Century military genius and king who tormented the Roman Empire and devastated lands from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.
OK, so the former HBC’s pillaged land was only between Gainesville, Jacksonville, Athens and Columbia, but his 16 wins over Georgia still is an all-time high for an opposing coach — and probably will remain so in this millennium. Spurrier still lights up with pride when you ask him about those 16 notches in his belt.
“People ask me which one was my favorite,” Spurrier commented this week as he packed for a trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, where he will play in the Desire Cup being staged for the ministry of former quarterback Danny Wuerffel. “Well, we beat Georgia 16 times and I am a little bit proud of that record. Coach Shug Jordan (of Auburn) beat them 15.”
I could think of several games I’d guess as Spurrier’s favorite wins over Georgia, including the day he “hung 50” on the Bulldogs in Athens, but that wouldn’t be correct.
Shane Matthews finished 3-0 as a starter vs. Georgia, throwing for 948 yards, nine touchdowns and no interceptions. 

“My favorite win was 1992,” he said.
This we have to hear.

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