Spurrier on Gator QB, Harbaugh, Augusta National

Posted at 8:32 am on 04/14/2016 by Buddy Martin
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — I knew that orange-and-blue checkered shirt looked familiar. I had seen it in in Steve Spurrier’s closet while conducting a book interview earlier this year. It was still in the wrapper, stacked on a pile of brand new ones, waiting to go into the wardrobe rotation at just the proper time.
“One day when I can come back here and cheer for the Gators, maybe I’ll be able to wear this one,” he said, picking up the orange and blue button-down for cursory examination.
Last Friday night, it was time.
Spurrier, who resigned as South Carolina’s coach October 13, certainly has spent a lot of time in Florida recently, from Crescent Beach to Gainesville to Jupiter to Tampa, playing golf with friends and former players.
Basically, one of the three statues at Quarterback U. came alive last Friday night when Spurrier showed up at the place he nicknamed “The Swamp.” He wore that orange and blue shirt on the familiar sideline of a field that, by all rights, one day ought to bear his name.
Right now, he’s a golf-playing football fan who dropped by his old school Friday and, after seeing a half, was impressed with the play of Florida’s heir-apparent quarterback, Luke Del Rio.
“He seemed to be able to find the open receivers and get the ball to them in time,” Spurrier said of Del Rio.

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