Make a Donation

The Make a Donation Template is perfect when you want customers to donate money as a part of the service. Examples include non-profit fund raising and events.

Payments: Ocoos offers a flexible model for payments in which funds flowing directly to your account.
  • eCommerce: Ocoos will help you collect money.
  • Price(s): You can select an open donation amount or offer several choices.

Quantity: Choose a quantity to limit the number of people who can book your service. E.G.: A golf pro limiting round to four people.

Marketing: Load materials such as text (great for SEO), images, video, and pdf documents. Build your internet footprint.

Signoff: For the customer check-out process, you can insert two other items in the flow..
  • Questionnaires: Ask donors to answer a series of questions, and store/search online.
  • Legal Contracts: With digitally signed documents, load legal agreements and have customers sign.
Documents Attached to Make a Donation:
Donation Waiver