Weight Discrimination

Posted at 11:27 am on 11/11/2013 by Nicole D.P. McLaughlin
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imagesThere are many factors that go into whyoverweight persons face weight discrimination. Depending on the job there may be actual limitations that being overweight may lessen your effectiveness on the job. However, some professions discriminate against obese people on a purely aesthetic reason. When obesity became classified as a disease, it opened the door to fight job discrimination based solely on weight alone.

What you need to know if you are overweight is that you are not the number on the scale. However, the number on the scale is limiting you from being the best you can be. I watch a show called the Voice on Monday nights. The reason why I love it and so many vocalistwant to be on the show, is because the only thing being judged is the voice. The music industry is notorious for denying very talented vocalist because they don’t fit the mold when it comes to how they look. An overweight vocalist can do very well on the Voice.

What I want to do for a moment is play devil’s advocate and ask you to look at the music industry from a wellness point of view. A performer needs to not only be able to sing, but must also be able to perform live on a stage. An overweight artist will have a harder time touring than one that is at a healthy weight. The traveling, the late nights, the missed meals and all the singing and dancing will take its toll on the body. As you age it all gets even harder to maintain. This is why Madonna has a personal trainer and works out every day. It’s less about a look and more about having the energy and flexibility to continue to perform on the level that her fans are accustomed to. This is why Jennifer Hudson has become a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and runs everyday.

In your own life and chosen profession, does your weight pose any limitations to what you can do in the service of your organization? Unless you have an office job, there are physical challenges that you face everyday at work.

This is but a short list of professions in which your personal fitness can help you excel at work. If you have a job in which you have to maintain a certain weight, are required to lift a certain amount of weight or must fit into small places, you would benefit greatly by finding a personal trainer or a health coach. In as little as six months you can be on your way to a promotion and job advancement by investing in your health.

Entrepreneurs are the one group of people who can benefit the most from improving their health. Not only will you have more energy and strength to make it happen everyday. You’ll also be more productive. If you are your own boss and your only employee, when you are sick, there is no one working. A serious illness or injury can cause you to lose the business. Small business owners also tend to not have adequate health and disability coverage. Improving your level of fitness and maintaining a healthy weight will give you the added protection you need.

The Little Things You Can Do Today

  1. Invest in a fitness program or activity that you will commit to doing three days or more a week.
  2. Determine that in six months to a year your weight will be under your control.
  3. Make one lifestyle change a month that will improve your overall health and wellness.
  4. Take a good multivitamin and sure up any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have.
  5. Recognize you only have one body and the better you take care of it the longer you can live on this earth.

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Nicole D.P. McLaughlin, P.T.

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