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Posted at 3:06 pm on 11/18/2013 by Nicole D.P. McLaughlin
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images-1Detoxing is the latest trend in health. Every where you turn there is a drink or diet that is supposed to detox your body. The effects are varied because you can’t detox in a vacuum. I challenge you to aim for a total detox of your entire being. It does you no good to remove the toxins in your gut and allow them to remain in your soul. The mind-body-spirit connection is most powerful in this area. A toxic relationship or unbalanced thoughts about yourself can do more damage than any free radicalsfloating around in your blood stream.

Have your green smoothie, drink plenty of water but also learn how to diffuse negative emotions. The stress of believing that you are in this thing all alone and no one else really cares turns you into a toxic time bomb that can explode at any moment. Learning to embrace silence and living in the moment are powerful methods to detox the mind and soul. Connecting with a higher power than yourself (God) will not only detox the spirit but will also empower you to complete your life’s mission.

In the same way you can not spot reduce, you can not spot detox. Just like you must lose weight all over to get flat abs, you must detox the entire being in order to reap all the benefits of cleansing. If you are eating well, working out every day and still not seeing the results you want, it may be time to try a more holistic approach.

The Little Things You Can Do Today

  1. Live in the present moment.
  2. Release your need to control outcomes in your life.
  3. Learn to forgive others and yourself quickly.
  4. Have a heart of gratitude and focus on what you have.
  5. Learn to say NO to anyone or anything that drains your energy.

Be happy where you are, with what you have in this present moment. Choose everyday to live life to the fullest. In time your body will respond with health, vitality, and boundless energy.

Until Next Week,

Nicole D.P. McLaughlin, P.T.

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